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  • On to Aktau!

    Posted 22/05/2014

    From Kazopp MD, Graham Potts in Kazakhstan

    Fantastic meetings with Wood Group, Fluor, Worley Parsons, Shell and TCO in Atyrau – all very good contacts, busy promoting suppliers.  Flying south today to Aktau for more meetings with contacts!


     #opportunities for SMEs in Kazakhstan!

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  • Great Craic in Kazakhstan!

    Posted 21/05/2014

    From Kazopp MD Graham Potts in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

    On the second day of the Shell/UKTI UK Kazakhstan Supply Chain Forum, been busy making and meeting  good contacts. Should also mention great craic with the guys in Champions Bar at the Renaissance Hotel and Joys Bar just across the road…!

    #Enjoying doing business in Kazakhstan!

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  • Tuesday update from Atyrau

    Posted 20/05/2014

    From Kazopp MD Graham Potts, in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

    The weather continues to be hot here in Atyrau, 30°C again yesterday. The main bridge from the airport to the city is closed for a couple of months, adding to the traffic chaos as the working week began here.

    Atyrau bridge at sunset



    Business is motoring ahead however – good meetings yesterday with Denholm Zholdas, Wood Group, Worley Parsons and TCO,

    There is a wealth of opportunity here if you come with a long term mentality, including training and localisation.

    The Shell/UKTI UK Kazakhstan Supply Chain Forum starts today. It will feature important new initiatives to improve commercial conditions and the business environment for companies doing business and operating in Kazakhstan.

    All good news for potential exporters to the country!

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  • Daily Blog from Kazakhstan

    Posted 19/05/2014

     Update from Kazopp MD, Graham Potts in Kazakhstan

    Flights on time, so we landed in Atyrau on schedule at 19.20 local time, to an outside temperature of 30°C! Proceeded through immigration  – top tips, always get two stamps at immigration on the migration card handed out on the plane and you’ll need your baggage ticket (usually stuck to boarding card) for hold luggage, as this is checked before you leave the baggage area.

    Renaissance hotel, Atyrau

    The Renaissance Hotel, Atyrau where the UKTI event will be held 19th-21st May 2014

    Looking forward to the Shell/UKTI Kazakhstan Supply Chain Engagement Forum tomorrow – it seems one of the UKTI team didn’t get their visa through in time, so I’ve been asked and have agreed to help facilitate the one-to-one meetings scheduled tomorrow afternoon as part of the event. All good for promoting the Kazopp profile and our suppliers!

    Check back tomorrow to find out more!

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  • Kazopp role in UKTI trip to Kazakhstan

    Posted 14/05/2014

    Kazopp are playing a key role alongside UKTI in a forthcoming trip to Kazakhstan aimed at encouraging UK based businesses to consider exporting to the country. Managing Director, Graham Potts is returning to Atyrau and Aktau next week to promote our SME suppliers to key contacts in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan. Graham’s role as SME and procurement expert along with his extensive knowledge and experience of doing business in Kazakhstan mean that he is well placed to assist companies to capitalise on the huge opportunities for growth in this market.

    Graham said “This is an exciting opportunity for us to promote the decisive nature of UK SMEs to our contacts in the oil/gas and construction sectors in Kazakhstan”.

    Profile photo of Graham Potts

    Graham Potts, Managing Director at Kazopp

    Ever thought of exporting to Kazakhstan?

    As the ninth largest country in the world, blessed with a wealth of natural resources and a strong, stable economy and political system, Kazakhstan presents incredible prospects and opportunities to would-be exporters. A state programme of accelerated industrialization has meant a raft of customs and tax incentives and other benefits are available, if you know how to take advantage of them.

    Kazopp can help you do just that.

    Could you be a part of this drive?

    If you’re interested in this export opportunity, let us help you get started – contact us now on 01935 315055 or

    Don’t miss out! Act now!


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