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  • Pushing to New Export Markets?

    Posted 28/08/2014

    Successful exporting is often about knowing where and how to tap into demand for your products and services. Choosing the right international market is crucial to your success, whether your company is just starting out in export or already a seasoned exporter.

    So where do you start?

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    Thorough market research is vital before you launch into doing business in a new country. It’s not only about finding a country where demand for your exports will be high – understanding the market will be just as important if you are to get your market entry strategy right.

    How to assess overseas market risks

    Research into potential export markets should include careful analysis of any:

    • Business risk – how will you avoid the pitfalls of a different business and social culture? Knowledge of local custom and practice will help you to avoid causing offence, misunderstandings and delay.
    • Legal or regulatory risk – what difficulties might arise from doing business under an unfamiliar legal or regulatory framework and dealing with different regulatory bodies?
    • Political risk – how stable is the market politically, economically and socially.

    Not only can the cost of such international research mount up, it also requires significant investment in terms of time – a resource which is often in short supply in the SME sector. How many business owners have time to travel to other countries to find out how local business operates? Not to mention the strain such enquiries could place on cash flow. Whilst government assistance may initially be available through UKTI, more detailed knowledge about an overseas market may be harder to come by without some form of partnership with an agent or company with the right knowledge and experience.

    This is where specialist companies like Kazopp can be invaluable. We can help by guiding your SME to where the potential demand is and working with you to facilitate your route into exports to Kazakhstan. We’ve already done the leg work in country and have built up knowledge, experience and most importantly, the business contacts and relationships which can give SMEs new to the country a head start.

    If you’re interested in starting or expanding your export portfolio, then get in contact with us.


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  • Energy Sector Reforms in Kazakhstan

    Posted 18/08/2014

    Kazakhstan has announced major reforms to the country’s energy sector. Kazakhstan’s president, Nusultan Nazarbayev confirmed that a new regulatory body will replace the Ministry of Oil and Gas and will benefit from greater links to other sectors, such as industry, technology, environment and water resources.
    Analysts are already predicting that a new and improved regulatory body with a broader remit could have a significant impact upon speeding up progress for energy projects, particularly within the oil and gas industries.
    Here at Kazopp, we welcome these further steps to streamline the regulatory framework for energy projects, which are likely to have a positive impact upon doing business in this sector. They further demonstrate the Kazakh authorities desire to facilitate business within the country, as shown by the recent relaxation of visa requirements.  All good news for potential exporters looking to benefit from the opportunities available in Kazakhstan, given the sheer scale of the country’s resources and projects.
    Never a better time to start thinking about growing your business by exporting to this exciting market – contact us to find out more.

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  • Could your SME hold the key?

    Posted 04/08/2014

    It’s a well known fact that much of the world’s easily accessible oil has now been exhausted. Whilst we are not about to run out of oil any time soon, the challenges for the future will be in finding ways to bring oil supplies which are not so accessible online.

    There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from oil/gas field projects, particularly the Kashagan field in western Kazakhstan as to operational difficulties and delays. That field alone is believed to contain 13 billion barrels of crude oil.

    Kashagan has suffered significant delays due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide and as a result of gas leaks discovered in the pipelines. There are also difficulties in managing the project due to extreme weather conditions – ice surrounds the oil field for lengthy periods throughout the year.

    Biggest Find in Decades Becomes $39 Billion Cautionary Tale

    The delays that such issues or mistakes cause are a major headache for the large oil companies – when something goes wrong, it costs a HUGE amount of capital.

    Might your SME hold the solution to the issues facing Kazakhstan’s oil industry?

    It will take a good degree of innovation and specialist skill to solve these issues and these are qualities often found in manufacturing SMEs. But how many are confident that they have the time and resources to consider exporting to an unfamiliar country like Kazakhstan, far from UK shores?

    And yet taking that step could be the big break most SME owners can only dream of.

    If your SME might hold the key to solving some of these issues, exporting to Kazakhstan could send your profits soaring. For advice and support which can make a real difference in easing the way to growth into this exciting market, contact us.

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