• Have your say at Manufacturing Group Forum with UKTI/UKEF

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    Posted 12/04/2016

    Kazopp Managing Director, Graham Potts is all set to attend a Manufacturing Group Forum in London this week with UKTI and UKEF (UK Export Finance). Chief Executives from both organisations are due to attend this invitation only event.

    The aim is to consult on and consider how to encourage more British businesses to export. It’s all part of the Government’s drive to reach its ambitious £1 trillion export target by 2020. Turbulent global markets and a widening UK trade deficit mean attempts to reach this target are way off track, so Government seems keen at this stage to re-assess means of instilling confidence in the British manufacturing sector.

    Invited delegates are to hear from the new to post Chief Executives of UKEF and UKTI, with focus upon their recent shift in strategy to encourage British businesses to export. This is to be followed by an open discussion forum between both Chief Executives and ICAEW Manufacturing SIG members/business stakeholders with an interest in exports. Input and feedback from stakeholders will hopefully inform further actions as well as form the basis of a report to be published in the newsletter for members of the Manufacturing Special Interest Group.

    Have your say!

    If you’re based in Somerset, Devon and Dorset and have any thoughts on how to encourage more businesses to export and what further support is needed to get British businesses, particularly SMEs exporting, this is your chance to influence!

    The 3 main questions for consideration will be:

    1. How are UKTI and UKEF working? What works well, and what could be improved?

    2. Why do small business feel held back from exporting?

    3. What practical support would your business benefit from to scale up?

    Don’t miss your chance to contribute to the Manufacturing Group Forum!

    If you have any other manufacturing or export issues then please get in touch to let Graham know and he will feedback and find out more information at the event. Contact us here or via twitter @Kazopp.

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  • Business is great in Kazakhstan!

    Graham Potts in Kazakhstan

    Posted 01/03/2016

    Last week, Kazopp MD Graham Potts was back in Kazakhstan on business. With both Top Gear and McDonalds recently making the news regarding their forays into the central Asian country, it seems like everyone is hot footing it there and really putting Kazakhstan on the map! Could your business be successful in exports to Kazakhstan? You could be pleasantly surprised…

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  • Top 10 Facts about Kazakhstan!

    Kazakhstan challenge

    Posted 16/02/2016

    Did you know…?

    1. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world and equals the whole of western Europe in size!
    2. It’s also the largest landlocked country in the world, but despite having no coastline, Kazakhstan still retains a small navy! It’s based at Aktau and operates on the Caspian Sea, employing around 3000!
    3. The country has been ruled by the same president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, since taking independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 – 25 years in office!
    4. Kazakhstan is home to the largest space launch facility in the world – it’s where British astronaut, Major Tim Peake took off for the International Space Station from last December!
    5. Kazakhstan shares its border with no less than five countries – can you name them? *Answers below!
    6. It’s believed that apples originated in Kazakhstan – historians agree they were discovered in the mountains of Central Asia 50,000 years ago, after which, the seeds were carried to other parts of the world.
    7. Kazakhstan has the largest steppe, or dry grassy plain in the world – it takes up one third of the country.
    8. Which is quite handy, because the Kazakh people love horseriding!
    9. There are current plans to have apartment blocks with built in ski slopes! Good a way as any to get down from the upper floors.
    10. It’s one of the best export destinations in the world!

    When considering potential export markets, there are naturally many factors to consider, but essentially, it comes down to where your products, services or new technologies will sell. The logistics are often easier than you think, so focus on where your business could be in demand. Remember, it’s not always in the most obvious places! Which is why we’ve been busy introducing UK SMEs to Kazakhstan…

    There are plenty of testimonials out there about how exports have not only transformed the growth of a business, but also secured its future – could it be time you got in touch to talk to us about exporting to Kazakhstan? Call 01935 315055 now or contact us here.


    *Answers: Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

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  • Export Speed Dating! Time to give it a try?

    Hearts image for export speed dating

    Posted 01/02/2016

    With Valentine’s Day on the horizon this month,  it’s a great time to draw an analogy with our approach to facilitating UK SME export to Kazakhstan. That’s because what we do is a bit like export speed dating! By matching the right UK SMEs to the right contacts in Kazakhstan, we can speed up the process of bringing products, services and technology to a new market. What’s not to love?!

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  • Taking the Shortcut to Export Success

    Export globe in hands

    Posted 30/11/2015

    According to Business West, there are 10 key steps to take to get you started in export. Here at Kazopp, we take a closer look at what these steps are and ask if they are really necessary for businesses looking to export. And for those who are interested in expanding their market to new horizons, we show you the way to take the shortcut to export success.

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