Charging UK management costs to your Kazakhstan business? Here’s what you need to know

Posted on: 08/09/2014 in: Tax

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Have you registered a business or branch of your business in Kazakhstan? Do you continue to incur head office and management costs elsewhere?

If your charges aren’t fully substantiated, you run the risk of them being disallowed by local tax authorities. So act now to ensure that your records are up to scratch.

Anything you charge to your Kazakhstan business needs to be reasonable and objectively justifiable. For example, you may decide to charge out your head office costs in proportion to the turnover of each of your businesses.  Alternatively, you might allocate costs according to the time your management team spend working on your Kazakhstan business.

However you decide to allocate your central costs, you’ll need evidence to support these charges. Typically this could include copy invoices, head office accounts, business-wide sales figures or senior management timesheets.

Remember that without evidence to support your management charges, there is a a risk that the costs will be disallowed and higher taxes plus penalties will apply. In certain circumstances, the authorities can give notice of their intention to freeze your local bank accounts.

Of course there’s no reason for any of these problems to arise – it’s always best to get it right from the start.

Whether you’re starting up your local business, or are already up and running, get in touch to check your accounting processes are in shape.

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