Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition

Posted on: 08/10/2013 in: Recent Developments

This week we’ve been following activities at KIOGE 2013, the Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition.  With high profile support from the Kazakhstan government, and from the UK Ambassador and UKTI, it is seen as the go-to event for businesses looking to develop a presence in this vast, but often under-recognised, country.

British Ambassador Dr Carolyn Browne and Kuandyk Kulmurzin, Ministry of Oil and Gas

The exhibition and conference organisers have been keen to promote the fact that so many new technologies and innovations have been launched at this year’s exhibition.  It is no surprise that the major companies are keen to get their hands on solutions which can shorten production times.  Time is money in this industry, and whether it is high-tech or relatively low-tech, any solution which meets this requirement is eagerly sought.

Let us know what expertise you’d like to bring to Kazakhstan.

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