Local news focuses on Hinkley … but bigger opportunities overseas

Posted on: 18/12/2013 in: Recent Developments

Over the last week our inbox has been filling up with news stories about the big project which is taking place on our doorstep here in Somerset at Hinkley Point.  Set to be the first investment in new nuclear power in the UK for many years, the project offers both opportunity for firms and controversy.  From headlines asking if the project complies with EU aid rules, to questions over whether it is too ambitious to place 57% of work with UK firms, it is certain to be an interesting project.

Artists impression of Hinkley Point

Opportunities in Kazakhstan

Our Managing Director, Graham Potts, has recently returned from a key visit to Kazakhstan, and says:

“UK, and particularly, Somerset firms should certainly be asking how they can get a slice of the £14billion Hinkley project. However there are many multi-billion dollar projects taking place overseas, which UK firms can access.

In Kazakhstan the Western-led oil and gas operators are working on a number of multi-billion dollar construction projects, at various stages from preliminary design to delivery. Like EDF, they’re keen to ensure that projects have a high local content, however they rely on international suppliers to deliver innovative products and expertise.”

Firms who believe that Hinkley holds good potential for them may well find that Kazakhstan opportunities are even greater.

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