Invirt Reality, Yeovil, UK

What products/services are available for export?

We harness developments in virtual and augmented reality for commercial / industrial applications. Typically we provide 3D visualisation (using stereoscopic vision, motion tracking and a software development platform) for platforms ranging from headsets and 3D display panels to immersive domes.

Why Kazakhstan?

As a leading oil and gas producing country, where efficient production and high safety standards are increasingly sought after, Kazakhstan is a natural choice. Virtual reality is particularly effective at embedding safety training in the workforce.

What makes you stand out for buyers?

Our 3D visualisation technology enables oil and gas companies to deliver exciting and effective employee training, leading to improved health & safety standards and reduced downtime.

Why Kazopp?

Kazopp stood out for us due to their in depth knowledge of the market, huge networking ability and business development track record.

Could Invirt Reality solve the problems you face? Or could you become an exporter to Kazakhstan?

contact us at or @kazopp