Powrmatic Ltd, Ilminster, Somerset, UK

What products/services are available for export?

Powrmatic offer a bespoke design service to utilise their full HVAC product range to provide consistent temperatures in a variety of applications.

Why Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan's rapidly growing economy, availability of oil and gas and its dramatically changing seasons combine to provide an unique market opportunity.

What makes you stand out for buyers?

Over 60 years experience and products with inherent design integrity and manufacturing quality. We offer sustainable, energy efficient and competitive products. Our products are manufactured and tested to high standards at our ISO 9001 accredited facility. Most importantly, buyers appreciate the support we provide from product selection to delivery and after-sales.

Why Kazopp?

Kazopp’s extensive local knowledge and contacts, combined with the quality of Powrmatic products, have enabled us to seize this opportunity to secure growth into the oil and gas market.

Could Powrmatic solve the problems you face? Or could you become an exporter to Kazakhstan?

contact us at info@kazopp.com or @kazopp