• Does UKTI do enough to encourage exports?

    Posted 20/08/2015

    The UK trade deficit narrowed to £1.2bn in April from £3.1bn in March this year after exports increased by £700m. This improvement in the trade balance was largely down to trade with countries outside the EU. However, the longer term position continues to cause concern and places increased scrutiny on what the Government is doing to support export growth. Who is responsible and are they doing enough? If not, what are the alternatives?

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  • UKTI and the First Time Exporters Initiative

    Posted 07/08/2015

    In May this year, UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) launched a programme to support young businesses looking to break into the export market. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, it was announced by Francis Maude, Minister for Trade and Investment at the start of Export Week 2015. This is an annual event which takes place across the UK, with each region holding several events designed to encourage British companies to export or expand into new markets.  In this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at the detail of  the First Time Exporters Initiative.

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  • New Business Growth Service to offer export advice

    Posted 12/12/2014

    Last week, the Government announced the launch of the Business Growth Service, which incorporates the existing GrowthAccelerator and Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) programmes.

    It is hoped that the Business Growth Service will “make it easier for businesses with the potential, capability and capacity to improve and grow to access expert advice and support.”  The new service will also offer export advice, so this week , we take a look at what it means for local SMEs, particularly those interested in export.

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  • Tax Penalties for Non-compliance

    Posted 20/10/2014

    In this third edition of our Kazakhstan Tax Series, we’re taking a closer look at tax penalties exporters can face for non compliance with tax rules and regulations in Kazakhstan and more importantly, how to avoid them!

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