• Mid-Year Review

    Posted 13/07/2015

    Shocking though it may seem (especially to those over 35 for whom time passes at double speed!) , we’re now over half way through 2015 and it’s a good time to review what’s happening with regard to market conditions in Kazakhstan and review the latest opportunities for SMEs looking to export their technologies, goods and/or services, either as first time exporters or seasoned exporters looking to new markets.

    Are there still opportunities to make money by exporting to Kazakhstan?

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  • Rising to the challenge

    Kazakhstan challenge

    Posted 27/04/2015

    It’s well known that supplies of easily extractable oil and gas around the world are running out, forcing oil exploration companies to look to more difficult sources. But could the challenge faced by today’s oil industry be tomorrow’s opportunity for UK SMEs?

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  • Energy Sector Reforms in Kazakhstan

    Posted 18/08/2014

    Kazakhstan has announced major reforms to the country’s energy sector. Kazakhstan’s president, Nusultan Nazarbayev confirmed that a new regulatory body will replace the Ministry of Oil and Gas and will benefit from greater links to other sectors, such as industry, technology, environment and water resources.
    Analysts are already predicting that a new and improved regulatory body with a broader remit could have a significant impact upon speeding up progress for energy projects, particularly within the oil and gas industries.
    Here at Kazopp, we welcome these further steps to streamline the regulatory framework for energy projects, which are likely to have a positive impact upon doing business in this sector. They further demonstrate the Kazakh authorities desire to facilitate business within the country, as shown by the recent relaxation of visa requirements.  All good news for potential exporters looking to benefit from the opportunities available in Kazakhstan, given the sheer scale of the country’s resources and projects.
    Never a better time to start thinking about growing your business by exporting to this exciting market – contact us to find out more.

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