• Energy Sector Reforms in Kazakhstan

    Posted 18/08/2014

    Kazakhstan has announced major reforms to the country’s energy sector. Kazakhstan’s president, Nusultan Nazarbayev confirmed that a new regulatory body will replace the Ministry of Oil and Gas and will benefit from greater links to other sectors, such as industry, technology, environment and water resources.
    Analysts are already predicting that a new and improved regulatory body with a broader remit could have a significant impact upon speeding up progress for energy projects, particularly within the oil and gas industries.
    Here at Kazopp, we welcome these further steps to streamline the regulatory framework for energy projects, which are likely to have a positive impact upon doing business in this sector. They further demonstrate the Kazakh authorities desire to facilitate business within the country, as shown by the recent relaxation of visa requirements.  All good news for potential exporters looking to benefit from the opportunities available in Kazakhstan, given the sheer scale of the country’s resources and projects.
    Never a better time to start thinking about growing your business by exporting to this exciting market – contact us to find out more.

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  • Why consider exporting to Kazakhstan?

    Posted 21/07/2014

    According to UKTI* research, companies who export regularly see significant benefits:

    59% of companies found that overseas business led to fresh ideas and innovation driving upgrades to products and services

    58% of entrepreneurs said exporting has led to levels of growth otherwise unattainable

    44% of companies active abroad reported increased turnover over a three year period

    Kazakhstan country shape inset with flag

    Kazakhstan offers great potential returns in the oil/gas and construction industries, by virtue of the sheer size of those sectors in country. But we often talk to SMEs that don’t have the time and budget to research new markets or are cautious about branching out into new markets they are unfamiliar with. Kazopp’s network of contacts can help you to ensure your company is quickly talking to the right people, saving you valuable time and resource in finding new markets for your goods and services. We can also provide the reassurance you need to reach your export goals and succeed.

    We can offer you:

    • A unique opportunity to launch your company into Kazakhstan
    • Introductions to our established network of contacts
    • Support and advice on doing business in Kazakhstan
    • Up to date news and information on target markets via our website
    • Sector specific expertise and experience
    • Opportunities to raise your company profile

    Contact us today or call 01935 385929 for more information.

     Kazopp – Helping you succeed in Kazakhstan markets




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  • SMEs hold the key to growth

    Posted 25/06/2014

    Export image

    A recent article in The Astana Times highlights the importance of SMEs to Kazakhstan’s economy, where they are seen as the largest source of future growth and employment. So much so that the government there has made the competitiveness of SMEs and support to entrepreneurship a cornerstone of its “Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy”. This sets out calls for reforms deemed vital to securing Kazakhstan’s place among the top 30 global economies by 2050.

    SMEs central to economic policy

    This recognition that SMEs represent the country’s future and are key to securing economic growth has led to moves to place them

    “at the heart of any economic policy aimed at stimulating growth”. (Arancha Gonzalez, Astana Times)

    Kazakhstan’s accession to the World Trade Organisation is an important factor in driving the success of SMEs in global markets: it is hoped it will ensure transparent, fairer and clearly established rules for SMEs trading with other countries.

    All good news for Kazopp – we’ve been in contact with Kazakhstan SMEs for many years and are always keen to talk to UK SMEs looking to partner with companies in Kazakhstan. We help UK SMEs interested in export opportunities by facilitating partnerships with our contacts in Kazakhstan and help to ensure a hassle free transition into doing business there.

    This week, we’re at the UKTI South West Export Fair in Bristol, talking to companies about the opportunities currently available in the oil/gas and construction industries.

    Are you ready to unlock your export potential?

    If so, catch us at the Export Fair or get in touch today.

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  • Opportunities in Kazakhstan’s Growing Energy Sector

    Posted 16/06/2014

    Did you know that Kazakhstan is the biggest energy producer after Russia among the former Soviet republics? The country plans to produce 81.8 million metric tons of oil this year, which equates to about 1.65 million barrels a day.

    Once the $50 billion Kashagan project, the country’s biggest oil field, located in the Caspian Sea, is up and running again, Kazakhstan could enter the top ten global oil exporters.

    Kashagan oil field

    The energy-rich country has also recently reported setting new goals to develop the production and processing of hydrocarbon resources and electricity. This forms part of the government’s latest concept for the development of the country’s fuel and energy complex, in which there are plans to invest around $2 billion.

    Kazakhstan ranks 12th in the world for its oil reserves, and 20th for gas reserves. The country has plans to increase the gross volume of oil and condensate production to nearly 112 million tons by 2030. In order to increase the volume of its hydrocarbon reserves, particularly in the Caspian basin, Kazakhstan authorities know that attention to the subsoil use and geological exploration needs to be increased.

    Kazakhstan’s Oil and Gas Ministry plans to implement a package of measures, including increasing the ration of oil production, carrying out measures on innovational development, and establishing a research support infrastructure.

    What does this mean for UK SMEs?

    If your SME could hold the key to resolving some of the issues faced in the energy sector in Kazakhstan right now or to improving production efficiency,  potential to become a part of the success story is immense. With the right advice, tapping into the export market to Kazakhstan could transform your business.

    Contact us today if your SME is ready to take the next step.


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  • Tuesday update from Atyrau

    Posted 20/05/2014

    From Kazopp MD Graham Potts, in Atyrau, Kazakhstan

    The weather continues to be hot here in Atyrau, 30°C again yesterday. The main bridge from the airport to the city is closed for a couple of months, adding to the traffic chaos as the working week began here.

    Atyrau bridge at sunset



    Business is motoring ahead however – good meetings yesterday with Denholm Zholdas, Wood Group, Worley Parsons and TCO,

    There is a wealth of opportunity here if you come with a long term mentality, including training and localisation.

    The Shell/UKTI UK Kazakhstan Supply Chain Forum starts today. It will feature important new initiatives to improve commercial conditions and the business environment for companies doing business and operating in Kazakhstan.

    All good news for potential exporters to the country!

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  • Daily Blog from Kazakhstan

    Posted 19/05/2014

     Update from Kazopp MD, Graham Potts in Kazakhstan

    Flights on time, so we landed in Atyrau on schedule at 19.20 local time, to an outside temperature of 30°C! Proceeded through immigration  – top tips, always get two stamps at immigration on the migration card handed out on the plane and you’ll need your baggage ticket (usually stuck to boarding card) for hold luggage, as this is checked before you leave the baggage area.

    Renaissance hotel, Atyrau

    The Renaissance Hotel, Atyrau where the UKTI event will be held 19th-21st May 2014

    Looking forward to the Shell/UKTI Kazakhstan Supply Chain Engagement Forum tomorrow – it seems one of the UKTI team didn’t get their visa through in time, so I’ve been asked and have agreed to help facilitate the one-to-one meetings scheduled tomorrow afternoon as part of the event. All good for promoting the Kazopp profile and our suppliers!

    Check back tomorrow to find out more!

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