• Rising to the challenge

    Kazakhstan challenge

    Posted 27/04/2015

    It’s well known that supplies of easily extractable oil and gas around the world are running out, forcing oil exploration companies to look to more difficult sources. But could the challenge faced by today’s oil industry be tomorrow’s opportunity for UK SMEs?

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  • Why Kazakhstan?

    Pinpoint Kazakhstan on the map

    Posted 26/03/2015

    There are plenty of testimonials out there about how exports have not only transformed the growth of a business, but also secured its future. When you’re considering potential export markets, there are, of course, many factors to consider, but ultimately, it’s about where your products, services or new technologies will sell. Put aside all the practicalities of export for a moment (because in fact it could well be easier than you think!) and simply think about where your business could be in demand. And it’s not always in the most obvious places! Introducing Kazakhstan…

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  • Time to add Kazakhstan to your Export Portfolio?

    Posted 29/01/2015

    According to research by British Chambers of Commerce, Kazakhstan provided one of the busiest trading lines for British e-commerce companies in 2014.  This is great news for UK SMEs which might be considering branching out into exports for the first time.  Export opportunities for SMEs in Kazakhstan have never been better – in this week’s blog, we look at why.

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