Why consider exporting to Kazakhstan?

Posted on: 21/07/2014 in: Opportunities for SMEs

According to UKTI* research, companies who export regularly see significant benefits:

59% of companies found that overseas business led to fresh ideas and innovation driving upgrades to products and services

58% of entrepreneurs said exporting has led to levels of growth otherwise unattainable

44% of companies active abroad reported increased turnover over a three year period

Kazakhstan country shape inset with flag

Kazakhstan offers great potential returns in the oil/gas and construction industries, by virtue of the sheer size of those sectors in country. But we often talk to SMEs that don’t have the time and budget to research new markets or are cautious about branching out into new markets they are unfamiliar with. Kazopp’s network of contacts can help you to ensure your company is quickly talking to the right people, saving you valuable time and resource in finding new markets for your goods and services. We can also provide the reassurance you need to reach your export goals and succeed.

We can offer you:

  • A unique opportunity to launch your company into Kazakhstan
  • Introductions to our established network of contacts
  • Support and advice on doing business in Kazakhstan
  • Up to date news and information on target markets via our website
  • Sector specific expertise and experience
  • Opportunities to raise your company profile

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