2015 – a Happy New Year in exports for your SME?!

Posted on: 22/01/2015 in: Export, Opportunities for SMEs, Recent Developments, Uncategorized

Zana Zhylynyzben! Or Happy New Year! (in Kazakh) Will 2015 be a great year in business for your SME? The answer is almost certainly yes if you can tap in to lucrative export markets and see your business grow at a far faster rate than if you continue to focus purely on the domestic market. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be busting the myth that exports are the preserve of the big corporates and showing you why SMEs can steal a march in the export market to Kazakhstan!

If you’ve been working on the assumption that exports are not for small businesses, 2015 could well be the time to think again! There are plenty of opportunities out there for budding entrepreneurs, if you know where to look. Nowhere does this apply more than in the oil, gas and construction sectors in Kazakhstan. Some smaller businesses are all too easily put off from breaking into lucrative export markets, wary perhaps of the perceived risks of doing business overseas in an unfamiliar setting.

He who dares wins…

In actual fact, as the saying goes, “he who dares wins” and the reality is that the element of risk can be mitigated by working with a company, like Kazopp, which already has established links in country. Managing Director, Graham Potts and other personnel have been both working in and dealing with Kazakhstan since 1997, building up extensive knowledge of business practice and processes, as well as a valuable network of contacts within the oil and gas industries. This means that we are in a position to enable potential exporter SMEs to hit the ground running, without the need to carry out lengthy, time consuming and costly research into a new overseas market.

So if a UK company has the right products/services or technologies which could be of interest in Kazakhstan, then Kazopp can match that company to high calibre Kazakh companies, removing the element of risk for a business new to Kazakhstan. It couldn’t be simpler!

We are finding that more often than not, it’s the smaller, more flexible businesses which can steal a march on the bigger corporations, especially against the current background of falling oil prices. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be explaining why this is the case and encouraging UK SMEs to see the fall in oil prices as an opportunity, not a risk – we are!

If you think your SME may have something of interest to Kazakh industries, then get in touch and talk to us today.