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Export Speed Dating! Time to give it a try?

Posted on: 01/02/2016 in: Export, Opportunities for SMEs

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon this month,  it’s a great time to draw an analogy with our approach to facilitating UK SME export to Kazakhstan. That’s because what we do is a bit like export speed dating! By matching the right UK SMEs to the right contacts in Kazakhstan, we can speed up the process of bringing products, services and technology to a new market. What’s not to love?!

Fact is, Kazakh companies often fall short on the experience and knowledge required for complex oil and gas sector services. Naturally,  this creates a fantastic opportunity for foreign companies to forge a way into the market and bridge the gaps in expertise. What’s more, this is no ordinary overseas market. Kazakhstan is a country rich with hydrocarbon reserves, with production derived mainly from five onshore fields and two offshore fields, situated in the Caspian Sea. With oil prices at their lowest for years, there is increasing interest in cost saving initiatives which are not always available in Kazakhstan’s domestic market.

Export speed dating – matching UK skills to Kazakh needs!

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All this means there are many companies in Kazakhstan who are looking to collaborate with overseas companies with the right skills and expertise. If a UK company is part of the high tech services industry or manufactures specialist equipment, particularly with potentially cost saving applications in the oil/gas sector, it’s a great time for its owners to consider the type of growth their business could achieve by exporting to Kazakhstan. With many years experience of trading in country, we can help make the connections needed to get started and smooth the way to working successfully in Kazakhstan.

So if your SME could hold the key to resolving some of the current issues faced by the energy sector in Kazakhstan, then let us help by matching your company to high calibre companies there and open up an export market for you. It couldn’t be simpler! And with the right advice, tapping into the export market in Kazakhstan could transform your business.

Interested? Then get in touch and talk to us today – it could be the start of a beautiful business relationship!