Could your SME hold the key?

Posted on: 04/08/2014 in: Opportunities for SMEs

It’s a well known fact that much of the world’s easily accessible oil has now been exhausted. Whilst we are not about to run out of oil any time soon, the challenges for the future will be in finding ways to bring oil supplies which are not so accessible online.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from oil/gas field projects, particularly the Kashagan field in western Kazakhstan as to operational difficulties and delays. That field alone is believed to contain 13 billion barrels of crude oil.

Kashagan has suffered significant delays due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide and as a result of gas leaks discovered in the pipelines. There are also difficulties in managing the project due to extreme weather conditions – ice surrounds the oil field for lengthy periods throughout the year.

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The delays that such issues or mistakes cause are a major headache for the large oil companies – when something goes wrong, it costs a HUGE amount of capital.

Might your SME hold the solution to the issues facing Kazakhstan’s oil industry?

It will take a good degree of innovation and specialist skill to solve these issues and these are qualities often found in manufacturing SMEs. But how many are confident that they have the time and resources to consider exporting to an unfamiliar country like Kazakhstan, far from UK shores?

And yet taking that step could be the big break most SME owners can only dream of.

If your SME might hold the key to solving some of these issues, exporting to Kazakhstan could send your profits soaring. For advice and support which can make a real difference in easing the way to growth into this exciting market, contact us.