• Pushing to New Export Markets?

    Posted 28/08/2014

    Successful exporting is often about knowing where and how to tap into demand for your products and services. Choosing the right international market is crucial to your success, whether your company is just starting out in export or already a seasoned exporter.

    So where do you start?

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    Thorough market research is vital before you launch into doing business in a new country. It’s not only about finding a country where demand for your exports will be high – understanding the market will be just as important if you are to get your market entry strategy right.

    How to assess overseas market risks

    Research into potential export markets should include careful analysis of any:

    • Business risk – how will you avoid the pitfalls of a different business and social culture? Knowledge of local custom and practice will help you to avoid causing offence, misunderstandings and delay.
    • Legal or regulatory risk – what difficulties might arise from doing business under an unfamiliar legal or regulatory framework and dealing with different regulatory bodies?
    • Political risk – how stable is the market politically, economically and socially.

    Not only can the cost of such international research mount up, it also requires significant investment in terms of time – a resource which is often in short supply in the SME sector. How many business owners have time to travel to other countries to find out how local business operates? Not to mention the strain such enquiries could place on cash flow. Whilst government assistance may initially be available through UKTI, more detailed knowledge about an overseas market may be harder to come by without some form of partnership with an agent or company with the right knowledge and experience.

    This is where specialist companies like Kazopp can be invaluable. We can help by guiding your SME to where the potential demand is and working with you to facilitate your route into exports to Kazakhstan. We’ve already done the leg work in country and have built up knowledge, experience and most importantly, the business contacts and relationships which can give SMEs new to the country a head start.

    If you’re interested in starting or expanding your export portfolio, then get in contact with us.


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  • Opening up business travel to Kazakhstan

    Posted 17/06/2014

    Passport Visa image

    Visa-free travel pilot unveiled

    The President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev last week announced a pilot scheme to remove visa requirements for the citizens of 10 countries, including the UK. The move is further evidence of the country’s commitment to strengthening bilateral partnerships and establishing more favourable conditions for foreign business and investment.

    This visa-free regime will run from 15th July 2014 until 15th July 2015 and is aimed at those countries which have the best record of investment in Kazakhstan or greatest potential to invest in the future. During the pilot period, UK citizens with a valid passport will be able to enter, exit and transit through Kazakhstan on multiple occasions without a visa for up to 15 days at a time. Longer stays for business travel may be permitted upon application.

    At the conclusion of the one year pilot, the system will be reviewed by officials, as to whether it should continue.

    Watch out for further details of the pilot which are expected to be publicised within the next few weeks.

    This makes it a great time for potential exporters to the country to seize upon the vast array of export opportunities the oil/gas and construction industries have given rise to in Kazakhstan.

    Could your business become the next big export success story?

    Find out more about how we can help by contacting us today.



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  • Top Ten Tips on Business Trips to Kazakhstan

    Posted 03/06/2014

    What the Guide books won’t tell you…!!photo (3)

    1. Before you go: Make sure you pack plenty of mosquito repellant – Atyrau has a high population of mosquitos and good repellant is essential. Despite the heat, long sleeves provide further protection when mosquito levels are high.
    2. Take a copy of your passport/visa/photo, notarised if possible  to keep in your hotel safe on arrival.
    3. When flying to Aktau, go via Russia or Baku for cost effective flights.
    4. On arrival: When passing through immigration, get two stamps on the immigration/landing card handed to you on the plane. Keep this clipped to your passport in the visa page (good idea to take a paperclip for this)
    5. Keep your luggage retrieval labels (attached to your boarding card) as you will need this to leave the airport arrivals area.
    6. During your stay:Keep your passport with you at all times, together with your visa.
    7. Always agree taxi fares before getting into cabs – if you don’t speak Kazakh or Russian, avoid being fleeced as a foreigner by asking your hotel or host organisation to call a taxi from reception, establishing the fare first. (N.B. current rates in Atyrau are 500-1500 tenge (£2-£5), depending on the length of the journey and time of the day). When arriving for the first time, ensure your hotel or host orders you the taxi and they meet you at the airport.
    8. Currency – You can only get Tenge in country, so if travelling for the first time, take dollars and get the hotel to book you the place and add to your bill, as you can often get cash in the hotel.
    9. Be attentive after dark – there are many uneven road surfaces In Kazakhstan, potholes and bumps!
    10. When leaving the country, use the toilet before travelling to the airport – toilets in Departures are often fall short – don’t get caught short!


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  • Boarding the Red Eye Flight

    Posted 04/12/2013

    Like most international travellers contemplating an overseas trip, last night I tried to get to sleep without success, thinking what do I need, which coat do I take, have I got my passport, have I packed X, Y & Z, and then thinking the dreaded “I must go to sleep, I must go to sleep” – a vicious circle. Read More…

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